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johntgonzales asked:

breath and hope

how I’ve changed over the past year: jfc I could write a novel…. fell in love with an amazing woman, had my heart broken, broke some other hearts, married the love of my life, realized I’m hella gay, made some of the best friends I’ve ever had that encouraged me and pushed me to become the amazing cosplayer and person I am today…. it’s be a fuckin wild ride and then some, lemme tell ya, but I wouldn’t change a thing.
what I’m looking forward to pt. 2: BOOK THREE OF THE OUTLAW KING SERIES. holy crap. I’m up to my eyeballs in love with that series I cannot freaking wait to beta read the next noVEL

franksocrates asked:

Time or Hope (i couldn't decide)

favourite memory: so every summer when we were kids (p much up until I left for college actually lol) my brother (3 years younger than me) and I would turn my room into a giant, intricate blanket fort. I’m talking partitions and sliding curtains and a “common room” etc that filled the whole bedroom even the closet. we would drag his mattress into my room and essentially “camp” for the whole summer and it was amazing

my other favourite memory is when we were cleaning his room and we found this really dumb looking broken lamp and I called it candyass and we laughed for like 20 minutes straight

now…. what am I looking forward to? pursuing my cosplay hobby more seriously, finishing my next few costumes and seeing where it takes me….

when i opened my eyes, I saw nothing but white. an endless expanse of desert stretched in all directions, glittering harshly in the mid morning suns. they nearly blended into a pale grey sky which lost itself in the horizon behind watery curtains of heat. even the air itself gave the impression of being too bright, too hot, too hostile to breathe.

I squinted against the light, my eyes straining to focus on something, /anything/. it looked and felt as though I were trapped in a lightbulb, nothing but intense brightness and intense heat. the ground crunched beneath me as I stood, and I looked down in confusion. what I had thought to be white sand was actually a very pale green dust. it formed the crust of a dry lakebed in broken layers like shards of frosted glass, and crumbled softly under my boots as I began to walk.

I walked and walked, but the suns never moved- they seemed to rest at just the right point in the sky to illuminate everything and obscure nothing. I tried to keep going straight, but with no landmarks (and no shadow) it almost felt like I was waking in place. hours, days, weeks, maybe even years ticked slowly by as the unchanging desert passed under my feet. yet somehow I walked unceasingly and without fatigue or hunger… until I tripped.
for a moment I just lay there, blinking the dust from my eyes. I had been moving for so long that to suddenly find myself stationery was as much of a mental shock as it was a physical one. it took another lifetime to gather enough strength to push myself off the ground and look around me. I had tripped on the corner of a sun bleached stone pushing up through the lakebed. looking ahead, I could see vague shapes reflected in pools of light.

slowly they emerged from the watery haze- shapes that became hauntingly familiar as I moved along… peaks of towers, stretches of parapets scattered like stepping stones, even in some places the gaping mouths of thin, high windows stark black against faded brick… “the tip of the iceberg,” I thought.
they were bones of a city reaching up through the cracked and peeling earth like souls in the river Styx, begging the sky to snatch them from their ancient and wretched fate.



book one: the whirlwind in the thorn tree

book two: law of the wolf

(book three is currently in the final stages of writing)

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am in love with this series. I won’t say too much (and don’t read the summary if you can help it) because it’s even better going into the story completely blind.
but if you love scifi westerns, cyberpunk, steampunk, masterful visual storytelling, and a book you can’t put down, you will love the universe that Hunt has created here.

book one is currently free on kindle through amazon, so you’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out. if you end up liking the series then consider leaving a review and spreading the word, or donating to help Hunt continue writing! he deserves way more recognition than he’s getting, so I want y’all to help me drag these amazing novels from the depths of internet obscurity and bring it into the eyes of fantasy, western, and steampunk lovers everywhere.


Anonymous asked:

Life & Doom :)

life: I’m a chicken when it comes to breaking rules lol

doom: I’ve been injured plenty of times, worst one was hecking up my hand when I was 16 and it took almost 10 years to get it fixed/healed

Send me an aspect

  • Breath:

    How have you changed over the past year?

  • Light:

    Would you consider yourself lucky? Why?

  • Time:

    What is your favourite memory?

  • Space:

    If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

  • Life:

    Are you a rule breaker by heart?

  • Hope:

    What are you looking forward to?

  • Void:

    Do you like being alone?

  • Heart:

    Have you ever been in love?

  • Mind:

    Do you make decisions easily?

  • Doom:

    Have you ever gotten injured?

  • Blood:

    Do you form strong friendships?

  • Rage:

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

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